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PSHS 7000 - 3.25V Battery/Charger Box

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Plug-n-Play 3.25V Battery Box & Module

ALOSUN BLUEBOX - PSHS 7000 is an autonomous energy system, designed for rural electrification. Several lamps, a phone charger, and a radio can be connected. The  built-in USB-port transforms the PSHS in a charging station for many kind of devices, such as mobile phones or MP3-players. 

  • System Voltage 3.25 V
  • System Capacity 7.5 Ah
  • Module Peak Power 5 W
  • Module Current 1.15 A
  • Module technology: crystalline silicon
  • Maximum # of loads: 4 + USB
  • USB outlet: 500 mA
  • PV Cable length 6m

Daily operation hours of one light*:    

Recommended number of loads **     
  • 2x lamp 200
  • 2x lamp 100
  • 1x phone charger

* Operation hours at an average irradiation of 5 kWh/ m²/ day 
** phone charge per day ca. 500 mAh, daily operation hours
per lamp more than 3 hrs

Easy extension

These systems are the first solar energy systems that can grow with increasing demand: up to four different loads at once can be connected, if the energy demand grows, another battery can be connected, by simply adding a second battery box. Up to four systems will work perfectly synchronized. 

High quality components

Only uses high quality components in its products to ensure a long and maintenance free product lifetime. The used LiFePO4-battery has a lifetime of up to 10 years, which is up to 6 times longer then lead-acid batteries. The LED as well has a lifetime of more than 50.000 hrs without any significant reduction in brightness.

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