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LSHS 12V RADIO with Adaptor Cable

LSHS 12V RADIO with Adaptor Cable

  • $2200 NZD

NZ: $ 25.30 (gst incl.) Taxes applied during checkout.

The solar radio is very efficient with high quality components. The radio can be used with either the LSHS (12V) or PSHS (3.25V) systems. This purchase includes the adaptor cable required to connect to the LSHS 10500. This radio has an AUX-IN to use the radio as an external speaker for music from your cellphone or MP3 player.

  • Consumption 20-100 mA (depending on volume)
  • Tuner FM 64 – 108 MHz
  • Tuner MW 530 – 1600 KHz
  • Tuner SW 3.4 -22 MHz
  • AUX-In included
  • Adaptor Cable (available for 12V LSHS)
  • Features telescopic aerial, foldable handle

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