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LSHS 12V LAMP 400 - 300lm

  • $4200 NZD

NZ PRICE: $ 48.30 (gst incl.) Taxes applied during checkout.

POWER LINE lamps are high illuminating ceiling lamps, designed to match with the 12V LSHS battery systems. This battery uses the latest, most efficient LED technology that produces bright light for a very long time. Based on 5 operating hours per day the LEDs can last up to 27 years without a significant reduction in brightness. Comes with cables, hooks and switch - simply hang it up and plug it in!

  • Lamp current: 250mA
  • Nominal power: 3.25 W
  • Light source: 8 LEDs
  • Color temp.: 5000 K
  • Illuminance:   300 lm
  • Cable length: 6m, with integrated switch

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