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LSHS 12V fb LAMP 200

  • $2400 NZD

NZ: $ 27.60 (gst incl.) Taxes applied during checkout.

Wall or ceiling mount. Ideal as a security light with the LSHS 9800 "night-light" function selected - as soon as the charger detects no sunlight on the panel, the light will automatically turn on. Comes with its own plug, cable and switch.

These lamps use high-efficient LED technology with a very long lifetime. Based on 5 operating hours per day the LEDs can last up to 27 years without a significant reduction in brightness.

  • Lamp current 150mA
  • Nominal power: 1.95 W
  • Light source: 4 LEDs
  • Color temp.: 5000 k
  • Illuminance: 180 lm
  • Cable length: 6m, with integrated switch

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