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Low-Voltage Solar Home Systems

12V LSHS 10500

The L-ion Solar Home System [LSHS] is an expandable solar energy system that is capable of powering several 12V loads at once. 

For lighting and television in remote areas - perfect for homes, baches and sheds. Easy for anyone to self-install (see pictures) no expensive electrician required! We supply individual components or complete house kits.

Many efficient appliances can be connected to the LSHS including:

  • LSHS - Lighting, Fan, Radio, TV KitLED ceiling and wall lamps
  • LED tube lights
  • automatic security night-light
  • ceiling fan 290rpm
  • radio
  • fast phone charging
  • 15" DC TV
  • 18.5" DC TV with DVD Player and Freeview
  • Satellite receivers
  • Terrestrial receivers
  • 10" ACER notebook with Windows 8
  • LED projector

This system uses high quality lithium-iron-phosphate battery technology to store energy - Recharged in 4.5 hours with 35W PV panels. This technology has a long battery lifetime of five to ten years, and is maintenance free! Fosera lamps use high-efficient LED technology with a very long life-time. Based on 5 operating hours per day the LED lights can last up to 27 years without a significant reduction in brightness. The solar modules use crystalline silicon solar cell technology with a lifetime of over 20 years.

German engineered -  a high quality system for home solar energy supply at a very reasonable price. BUY today:

  • LSHSKIT07-ALighting, Fan, Radio Kit
  • Classroom Tube Lighting Kit
  • Teacher Presentation Kit
  • Student Computer Laboratory
  • Entertainment Kit
  • Tiny Home Lighting and Radio Kit
  • Tiny Home Freeview Television Kit