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Functional with attractive design

The protos is a self-sustaining, solar LED outdoor lighting systems with different technological options. Short mounting and dismantling times makes protos to the perfect luminaire in any region of the globe for temporary application in areas without grid connection. Examples are construction sites, parking areas, access roads, open air events or industrial sites.

Cost effectiveness and performance

The protos is a cost effective solution regarding acquisition and mounting. Hereby, the total mounting time, the cost effectiveness, efficiency and superior lighting performance characterise the solar luminaire protos.

  • Powerful output for high demands
    • 80Wp | monocrystalline | Cell efficient 18.5 %
  • Superior optics provides for maximum light distribution
    • Max. LED luminous flux: 3000lm | 21.5 W (138lm/W)
  • Intelligent controller with 

    autonomous day/night recognition
    • Different time programs can be selected
  • Unique technology ensures a long service life
    • LiFePo4 | 12.8 V | 24 Ah | 5000 cycles at 70% DOD


A strong, adjustable in inclination, monocrystalline photovoltaic module for high performance, represents the basis of the energy supply.

In addition, in Protos is a light module for use whose LEDs have a very high efficiency (lm / W) and guaranteed by sophisticated optics, an impressive light distribution.

LiFePO4 battery is installed within the poles in the ground, so that an optimal, constant temperature is reached. A long lifetime of the batteries from 10 to 12 years and an effective anti-theft protection is the result.

An intelligent, highly precise control with independent day / night detection coordinates the interaction of all high-quality components and offers different programs to choose from at the time.

The luminaire’s design convinces through pleasant, straight-lined shapes. Compact, minimal dimensions are optimised for package and transport. Different standard poles can be used due to the intelligent composition of the luminaire. Plain solar LED luminaire was especially developed for areas

  • that are electrically not developed
  • that have a low probability of subsequent days with low direct  solar irradiation
  • that are very cost sensitive


Photinus high-performance photovoltaic modules charge the integrated battery during the day. Stored free solar energy nurtures the efficient LED-luminaire at night.

Nearly every installation spot has days with lower solar irradiation. Thus, plain luminaires offer the possibility to portion available energy by program settings. (Please refer to Management of Energy and time)


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