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LSHS 12V Kitset 06 - Classroom Lighting [7]

  • $1,21100 NZD

NZ: $1,392.65(gst incl.) Taxes applied during checkout.

This solar lighting kit is designed to evenly illuminate a smaller classroom, church, or community room of 8m x 8m with seven tube lights. The lighting kit consists of 2 x LSHS 10500 (7-10yr life), 2 x 35W PV panels, and 7x tubelights (27yr life) with built-in switches and cables. The lighting kit will run 7x tubelights 400 for 7-8 hours with full brightness each day, on a full charge. If you want more light for less time - choose our Classroom Lighting Kit [10].

LSHS systems are designed in GERMANY as modular systems, allowing for expansion (laptops, projectors, TV's) without expensive and complicated extra system dimensioning. Simply add another battery!

Efficient light

These lamps use high-efficient LED technology with a very long life-time. Based on five operating hours per day the LEDs can last up to 27 years without significant reduction of brightness.


School electrification is the ideal way to foster rural village development with better learning conditions and the opportunity for adult education in the evenings. LSHS solar systems are affordable and reliable, as opposed to traditional solar systems.


The installation of lighting for one classroom can be done within half a day, thanks to the easy plug & play function of LSHS. Put the panels on the roof, the batteries on the wall, the lights on the ceiling - then plug them all in!


  • 2 x 35 W PV module c/w cable
  • 2 x Battery Box 10500
  • 7 x tubelights 400 (4.29W) c/w cable and integrated switch
  • 3 x 3m Lamp Extension cables (request longer extensions if required)
  • 2 x Y-Splitter cables
  • 1 x parallel cable
  • 1 x Installation Instruction Manual

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