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Welcome to our online store!

Posted by Gaylene Barnes on

We want to make it easy for you to access our advanced solar technology throughout the Pacific. Please let us know how you like our shop - and if you think we need improvements anywhere to make your shopping experience satisfying.

We have divided our products into the following collections:

    1. Fosera 12V LSHS Solar Home Systems - including all the appliances and batteries
    2. Fosera 3.25 PSHS Solar Home Systems - including all the appliances and batteries
    3. Fosera Solar Lights - this is a domestic range of outdoor solar lights suitable for security [coming soon]
    4. Photinus Solar Street Lights - high performance outdoor lighting for all situations [coming soon]
    5. 4Noks Monitoring Systems - for better monitoring of solar installations [coming soon]
    6. General Solar Equipment - Panels, Microinverters, PV System Kitsets. [coming soon]

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